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August 27, 2013
Android Development

One Book Away
The Library App revisited

I have officially come to the end of my Android classes at the University of Washington!  The program consisted of 3 classes, each with their own project.  If you look back in my blog you’ll find the other 2 projects, which were: 
1st class: “Library Hold Wait”, a sort of calculator for items waiting at the library  
2nd class: “One Step Further”, a child developmental milestone quiz 

I’ll take a moment to mention that “One Step Further” is in the Google Play store.  It’s much more streamlined and polished than the one I presented in class.  You should check it out, and if you like it please give it a good rating!

My 3rd app took the same idea of the library hold calculator and extended it to make it much more useful.  Instead of manually entering your hold information in a calculator-style format, the app reads data directly from the Seattle Library and does all the calculations for you.

I am happy with the results, and I think it leaves the door open to add more features to eventually get the app into the Play store in the coming months.  I could even port this app to work with other libraries that use the Horizon system.

I’ve been working so hard over the past few months, that I let loose a little bit for the presentation.  You’ll have to excuse the weird color combinations, HUGE cheesy images, and lots of in-page transitions. 


Main Page

Loading Hold Data

Detail Page


Update Checkout Periods

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