First Post; Welcome Hugo

October 20, 2017

Welcome to my relaunched website

I’ve written plenty of personal websites over the years, and I’ve changed my philosophy on how to build them with almost every iteration. This site is no different.

After experimenting with a mix of web scripts and services, I have decided to try the static site generator Hugo.

A static site generator allows you to build a static website using features available in more advanced platforms. You follow the directions for the project you’re using and it builds the html files for you.

The final straw came when the configuration broke for my blog service I was using. I didn’t even notice for a long time and I was very annoyed. I decided it would be a lot easier to keep a site up if it I only had to support html.

Keep your site simple and focus on the content.

I tried a few other projects, including Hexo and Jekyll, but I finally settled on Hugo. It seemed a little easier to use and I was able to figure out how to make changes I wanted.

The old blog is still up, you can see it here:

I may get around to importing a few posts, but don’t hold your breath.

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