July 28, 2015

Allows TSQLUnit to run unit tests as a database job (SQL Agent)

I finally released code publicly (yikes!). I doubt anyone will ever see it, let alone use it. However, it still frightens me beyond belief!

Go check it out now on github:

It’s essentially a wrapper for TSQLUnit that allows unit tests to be run as a database job (SQL Agent), with the results sent as an email (with html formatting). Read more about it on Github.

I wrote it years ago for a situation where we needed to look for common error conditions in a legacy system. We didn’t have the resources to fix everything, so I would write a test to look for certain situations. The job would notify me if something came up. It was very useful for planning - if an issue only occurred once every six months, we might apply a different fix instead of re-writing the entire module.

It requires TSQLUnit, and SQL Server (duh).


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