Downspout water wheel

August 6, 2014

I built a downspout water wheel in my yard. I did it in my spare time over the course of a few months. There’s not much to tell that a few pictures and videos can’t explain much better.


I was walking my dog around the neighborhood and we got caught in a rainstorm. We waited out the storm on the porch of a grocery store, and I noticed they had this downspout waterfall. I knew I could never afford one as nice as the one they had, but I thought I could put something together that was similar.


My first idea was to build a wheel out of spoons. I attached some 2x4’s to a post for the stand, and made an octagon-shaped piece of wood to hold all the spoons. I found the huge funnel on a website that sold equipment for brewing beer.

Here is a video of my first test

Final Result

I must give some credit to my neighbor for helping me push the project over the finish line. He let me bounce many ideas off him until I came up with this one. He’s also a structural engineer, and helped me build a very stable stand to hold everything.

It was a neat project. I learned a lot, and I get plenty of compliments from passers by!

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